James was the manager. Harry was the DJ. That was the deal. But to conquer the world of professional DJing, Harry needed to become something bigger, louder, something impossible to ignore. The answer was Horizon Fields, an alter ego with the showmanship of Kiss, the irreverence of Slim Shady, and the sound of Daft Punk.


Relying on Horizon’s shamelessness and James’s ability to manipulate the media, the duo work their way from weddings and frat parties to New York nightclubs and Miami music festivals. But what happens when the alter ego infects the person it was meant to inspire? When does showmanship turn into exploitation? Or irreverence into violence?


In sharp, cinematic prose, The Electric Horizon Fields captures the rise of electronic music in America in the early 2000s. This dark, often funny coming-of-age story explores America’s obsession with fame and its effects on personal identity in the digital age. But more than anything, this debut novel is a love letter to dance music and the DJs who make it possible.


“Unlike cliché-ridden and superficial DJ biopics in which the protagonist progresses from novice to headliner in three weeks thanks to a few dramatic button presses and knob turns, the characters in The Electric Horizon Fields dig deeply into the history of popular music and the roots of DJing, appearing on the public stage only after years of struggling in obscurity that every real DJ knows all too well.”
DJ EJ, Host of DJ EJ’s Wheels of Steel


“Big beats. Bigger egos. All in stereo. A sensational examination into the triumphs and trials of a small town DJ.”



“Scott has perfectly condensed the experience of being a DJ. The unlimited enthusiasm to which myself and our fellow DJs tore through bars, clubs, house parties, and redneck keggers shines through in The Electric Horizon Fields. I have not read a more accurate account of my life in the early ’00s.”

Robe Flax, Host of The Best Cuts of Music


“Scott manages to capture a very genuine feel of the climb and struggles of a working DJ; all the good and much of the bad. I often caught myself saying “Oh, I’ve been there” as I turned the pages. A great read for anyone in the biz or curious about what the heck we actually do up there.”

Beat Bachs


“Loved it! The Electric Horizon Fields perfectly captures the current state of electronic music culture, the idolization of the Disc Jockey, and the struggle of chasing super star status.”



Illustration by Ed Hallmark